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I'm a full-stack software developer with a strong interest in web applications. My passion is creating web software that is great from an engineering perspective, but that it also is intuitive to use for nontechnical users. I particularly enjoy creating business-oriented web software because nearly everyone has the potential of using it. daryllaroche.com ull stack software developer

I have over 10 years of experience developing applications in a wide variety of languages, and for a wide variety of companies and clients. I've worked for companies and with clients everywhere. Many of these companies have been startups.

I have an affinity for startups. :) Everything about them excite and motivate me. The process, the challenge, the people, the environment, the potential, the ultimate goal, everything. Just give me my headphones , some strong coffee (wait coffee before headphones :P), a quiet work environment (yes there's such a thing at some startups), and let me hammer-out some code.

Don't worry though, I come out of my code trance every once in a while, for meetings, to pet scruffy roaming the halls, and to high five everyone. :D All kidding aside, I love to joke around and laugh (in case you couldn't tell), but I'm also calculated, focused, and extremely serious when the situation (or sprint) requries it. I also talk fast.... so.... try to keep up! :D

What else...?
I'm a big fan of open source development. The idea that I develop an application as mine, but you extend its functionality (and now the app becomes ours), in my opinion, will always have a future in software development, due to the increased speed in an application's evolution.

Well, thats about it for now. If after reading what I'm all about, you're still interested, ping me!
You can send any questions, concerns, inquiries, or hate mail to info@daryllaroche.com

Thank you, come again. :D

daryllaroche.com TECHNICAL SKILLS

  •  Development utilizing PHP, Java, NodeJS, AngularJS
  •  Development with LAMP and MEAN stacks
  •  Relational and Document Oriented databases: MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB
  •  Experience with Symfony 2, Zend, Express frameworks
  •  Client-side development using flat JavaScript, AngularJS and JQuery
  •  Experience with Apache, Apache Variants (Zend Server), HHVM, Nginx
  •  Experience with Version Control Systems - GIT and Subversion (SVN)
  •  Experience developing under both framework and proprietary implementations of the MVC design pattern
  •  Experience with Service Oriented Architecture
  •  Experience with most of the popular Architectural and "Gang of Four" design patterns
  •  Experience with PEAR, PHP CLI, APC, Memcache
  •  Experience with BASH scripting
  •  Experience with Eclipse, Zend Studio and Zend Remote Debugging
  •  Experience with REST api development
  •  Experience with JSON and XML
  •  HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Responsive Design, LESS
  •  ActionScript 3, Photoshop, Fireworks
  •  Working experience with most Object Oriented and Functional programming languages
  •  Working experience with Redis, Reverse proxies, Server clusters
  •  Experience with DevOps and System Administration - particually in CentOS and Ubuntu, Puppet
  •  And more..


  •  Experience in ecommerce application development
  •  Experience developing applications optimized for high traffic websites
  •  Experience developing in a team environment and with Agile methodologies
  •  Experience with startups, with remote development, and distributed development
  •  Experience developing accounting and financial applications for the web
  •  Experience developing management and employee management applications for the web
  •  Experience developing custom shopping cart applications and implementing current Open Source shopping cart solutions
  •  Experience developing custom checkout systems and implementing current Open Source solutions
  •  Experience developing custom Content Management Systems and implementing current CMS Solutions
  •  Experience with gateway APIs -- Cybersource, Authorize.net
  •  Experience developing custom product management and inventory applications
  •  Experience developing RTMP/RTMFP protocol video streaming applications
  •  Experience with cloud services, particularly Amazon AWS -- EC2, S3 and ElastiCache
  •  And More..

daryllaroche.com EDUCATION

    •  Long Beach, CA
    •  Long Beach, CA

daryllaroche.com PERSONAL PROJECTS

  •  Node.js development
  •  Crypto-Currency Blockchain Watchdog & Notification Web Application
  •  Data Aggregation Web Application targeting the Real Estate Industry
  •  Redeveloping legacy applications using NodeJS and Ruby on Rails