I've developed applications and services of all types using a variety of different languages and technologies. The development stack I've used recently include:

  •  Full Stack Software Development
  •  Back-end in NodeJS, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python
  •  Front-end development with React
  •  SaaS development
  •  GraphQL API development
  •  RESTful API development
  •  Mobile development with React Native
  •  Relational and Document Oriented DBMS
  •  Samsung smart TV development
  • Note: If you need something developed in another language or technology other than what was listed, or if you're unsure of what you need, don't hesitate to ask, I can more than likely still help.

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I've developed software services for individuals and businesses of all types and sizes. I've worked for and with companies on SaaS projects ranging from a single developer to over a hundred developers. Some of these services include:

  •  Ecommerce, CMS, and CRM development
  •  Social Network & third party API integration
  •  Advertising platform integration
  •  Real-time applications
  •  API & Micro Service development
  •  Smart TV and device development
  •  Proprietary inventory systems
  •  Data management systems
  •  SDK development
  •  MVP implementations & DevOps
  •  Software performance optimization
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I consult companies on technical, non-technical, and business development strategies. I've been heavily active in the tech industry for nearly two decades. During this time, I've accumulated knowledge on what to do and what not to do, from technical and business development standpoints. Here are some areas where I can add value to you and your company:

  •  Utilizing one code base for both web and mobile
  •  Language, SaaS and PaaS guidance
  •  API, Architecture and Scalable systems
  •  Blockchain & Crypto-Currencies
  •  Efficient Agile development (Scrum and XP)
  •  Lean startup and business development guidance
  •  Effective team management
  •  Productive remote development guidance
  •  Distributed development within varying timezones
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